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Yoga of the Heart

A comfortable body, calm quiet mind, deep relaxation and positive imagery can help prevent disease as well as promote healing. Yoga of the Heart offers asana - gentle movement - deep relaxation and imagery to help you rest, rejuvenate and recover.

Yoga of the Heart is part of an evidence-based care program for prevention and recovery from heart disease. It is the yoga-based stress management program used in the Dean Ornish Reversing Heart Disease Program. Ornish was the first to show, through two studies, that a lifestyle change that includes diet, aerobic exercise, yoga-based stress management and group support can reverse heart disease.

* Yoga of the Heart also is the program used for cancer patients at Michael Lerner’s Commonweal Cancer Help Program.
Vicki Wolf is certified to teach Yoga of the Heart. Her teacher, Nischala Joy Devi created Yoga of the Heart for the Reversing Heart Disease Program and is co-founder of the Commonweal Cancer Help Program.

Yoga of the Heart is not like any yoga class you have ever taken. The emphasis is on gently encouraging the body to become comfortable through movement. Moving into stillness and deep relaxation the prana or life force is enhanced, the mind lets go to inner wisdom and bliss where healing takes place. This is one of the most uplifting programs I’ve ever participated in, and I’m honored to be teaching it.

*Links to studies: