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environmental writer Vicki WolfVICKI WOLF

Vicki Wolf is a professional writer, yoga and meditation teacher, organic gardener, mother and permaculture design specialist. For the past decade, she has been a leading light in bringing public awareness to the connection between health and the environment.

Since 2000, Wolf has written hundreds of articles on environmental issues for radio programs and websites including Citizens League for Environmental Action Now ( She writes and produces EarthCare Radio, which airs daily in Houston, Texas to 200,000 listeners, as well as Hill Country View, a program on conservation that reaches 100,000 listeners in the Texas Hill Country.

As an environmental writer, Wolf has covered environmental justice conferences including the Environmental Protection Agency’s hearing on National Environmental Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). She was a presenter at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) 2008 Environmental Justice Encuentro (Science Workshop). She has been an activist and community organizer for environmental justice causes and sustainable community projects.

Before moving to Austin, Wolf worked as a medical and consumer health writer in Dallas, Texas for more than 20 years. While a medical writer at UT Southwestern Medical Center, she wrote an award-winning daily radio health series, and contributed articles on nutrition and medical research to Center Times, UT Southwestern Medical Center’s newspaper; Biologue, the center’s donor magazine; and Dallas Child, a magazine for parents. In addition, she was co-producer and writer for a consumer health series on WFAA-TV, the ABC affiliate in Dallas, Texas. Wolf also was editor and writer for The Aerobics News, Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s Institute for Aerobics Research’s national subscription newsletter.

Wolf has a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio, TV and Film, specializing in News and Public Affairs, from the School of Journalism, Oklahoma State University. She teaches yoga and meditation and enjoys organic gardening, playing music with friends and dancing.



Welcome to Thriving Planet,
a place to imagine how we can create a way of living that helps us thrive as human beings, and cooperate with nature in a way that sustains the natural balance of life on Earth.

You’ll also find inspirational poetry, thoughts and stories about people who have survived very difficult times and now thrive. We will learn what kind of internal and external resources they had and needed to make it through a difficult time and come out thriving on the other side.

Coming soon, the Thriving Planet blog will encourage you to tell your story and connect with others who have a vision of a better world.

Together we will find or create:

Ways of coming together in loving community to provide for our needs and to manifest our hopes and dreams – do our life’s work – accomplish the things we want to achieve and live the way we want to live.

Means of freeing ourselves from the lifestyle that has some of us going to work in a job that has no meaning or joy to make money to provide for basic necessities and make purchases that provide short-term gratification that keeps us going to work in those jobs.

Systems and tools that help us connect to others who have found innovative ways of living to share our ideas and learn about theirs.

Information, tools and support for taking care of our resources and the planet.

A time and place to gather and remind each other to rejuvenate and connect to spiritual source and inspiration.